About ISAC

The International Society for Arterial Chemoreception

“The purposes of ISAC are to promote an increase in knowledge of the arterial chemoreception in various organs of the body, associated phenomena and the utilization of such knowledge. The interchange of knowledge, ideas and data can be realized through publication and interaction at national and international scientific meetings.”

Since ISAC was first established over 50 years ago, there have been many advances in the field of arterial O2, CO2 and pH sensing. Never-the-less, in 2014, after ~ 6,000 published scientific articles on carotid body chemoreception, many aspects of fundamental chemosensory mechanisms remain poorly understood or unknown.

The purpose of this Website is to disseminate information, news and announcements concerning ISAC and its international research meetings, which are held approximately every 2-3 years, the next scheduled meeting is 2020, location and specific dates TBA.

Last updated 6 February 2018